Athena and Preston Tower Hold “Neighborly” Meeting Without Neighbors

March 17, 2018 9:18 AM | Anonymous
by Jon Anderson

Last night, the two towers bookending PD-15 held a “Town Hall” meeting to talk about “proposed rezoning” of their low-rise neighbors.  It was ironic to hear the word “neighbors” spoken so frequently by a group who, at the end, raised their hands in favor of continued “towers only” meetings. In this case, “neighbors” really means “us.”

The meeting was run by

  • John Pritchett, Preston Tower resident, PD-15 working group and, secretary and recent president of the Preston Hollow South Neighborhood Association
  • Carla Young, Athena HOA president and PD-15 working group member
  • Susan Conard, Preston Tower
  • Roger Albright, attorney hired to advise the Athena and Preston Tower in PD-15 matters

In my opinion, the meeting’s goal was to preemptively poison the well on redevelopment of Preston Place, Diplomat, Royal Orleans, and Diamond Head Condos. I say that because first, there wasn’t a whiff of “wait and see” what the developers bring.  Secondly, the meeting was rife with half-truths and contradictions continuing to stick to development options from the Preston Center plan. The plan I have debunked twice as being economically unviable (here, here).

Here are some examples, judge for yourself.

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association
PO Box 25528
Dallas, Texas 75225

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